Thank you for your interest in Net Metering. Our goal is to provide you with accessible information to make your interconnection as streamlined as possible. This page provides several links for the documents you will need to get started.

Two of the documents are PRC RULE 568 and the New Mexico Interconnection Manual, which is referenced in Rule 568. The interconnection manual includes the Simplified Interconnection Application on page 24, which will be the application required for interconnecting with our distribution system for most residential customers. 

Another document is the New Mexico PRC RULE 570, which describes the credit you would receive should you generate more power than you consume over a given billing period. This credit would be equal to OCEC’s avoided cost, which is filed in January of every year with the PRC. OCEC’s 2024 avoided cost is $0.02856.

We would encourage all interconnections to include the installation of a meter base for a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) meter. In addition to the benefits of the utility meter registering the net of forward and reverse consumption, the REC meter, installed on the output (AC side) of the inverter, would register everything your unit would generate. Every 1,000 kilowatt-hours generated would create one REC, which for systems 25 kW and smaller, OCEC would then purchase at a defined rate of $1.00 per REC.

Prior to interconnection, you should have all required paperwork and applications submitted. We will also need to inspect your installation, possibly change your meter, and have written approval from the state electrical inspector. Please contact us at (575) 682-2521 and let the operator know you are calling about Net Metering if you have any other questions or if you need more information.

For your convenience, a list of Solar Installers can be accessed here. This list does not constitute a recommendation by OCEC for any of the contractors listed, but is included for our member's convenience. If you are a Solar Installer and would like to be added to this list, please email your request to