Significant changes to the Line Extension Policy have been made to serve our members better. The documentation provided below outlines our new Line Extension Policy. Please review this documentation CAREFULLY to prevent unnecessary costs and delays with installing new services.  

The area most affected by the revised line extension policy involves Underground Residential Distribution (URD), specifically URD services from the pedestal and/or transformer to the meter.

This write-up cannot cover all changes made to OCEC policies, procedures, and specifications. This write-up intends to notify you that changes have been and will continue to be made by OCEC when necessary. Therefore, OCEC requires the customer and/or the customer’s electrician to contact the OCEC Staking Department before installing electrical facilities is initiated. This will clarify the customer’s responsibility, OCEC’s responsibility, where the meter should be located, and anything else requiring discussion before construction.

For your convenience, a list of electricians can be accessed here. This list does not constitute a recommendation by OCEC for any of the contractors listed but is included for our member's convenience. If you are an electrician and want to be added to this list, please email your request to

Any questions regarding the procedures, progress of the new service, equipment, or the contract package should be directed to our Staking Department only.   Please get in touch with the following OCEC employees listed below:

Cloudcroft/Southern Area          

  • Courtney Grubbs ~ 575-682-2521 ext. 626
  • Lance Wright ~ 575-682-2521 ext. 624

Alto & Carrizozo/Northern Area              

  • Courtney Grubbs ~ 575-682-2521 ext. 626
  • Jerry Porteous ~ 575-336-4550 ext. 405