Electrify and Save

Powering up with electric garden and outdoor tools is not only reliable but also affordable. And OCEC makes it even more affordable for our members by offering fantastic rebates for both corded and cordless lawnmowers, trimmers, snow blowers, chainsaws and power washers.

While there are many who still believe that gas-powered lawn equipment is superior, there are a lot of benefits to using electric equipment.

      · Less maintenance—no spark plugs, fuel filters, or oil to change

     · Easier to maneuver—lighter than gas-powered siblings which mean they are easier to move around tight corners and navigate through your yard

     · Better for the environment—a clean alternative to gas-powered engines

     · Quieter operation—less noise to disrupt neighbors

We think that battery-operated tools are great. And, we even have a few available in each of our offices to try if you are on the fence about which type of lawn tool to buy. That’s right, we will let you try our trimmer, mower, or leaf blower to help you make a decision between gas-powered or battery-operated tools. Stop by your local OCEC office in Cloudcroft, Alto, or Carrizozo to see what equipment is available and try it out today.

And, after you purchase, don’t forget to complete and submit your application for a rebate from our Energy Efficiency Program!