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Rancho Ruidoso Valley Estates - Planned Electric Outage

Otero County Electric Cooperative (OCEC) will have a planned outage on Tuesday, October 11, 2016. This outage will affect consumers in the Rancho Ruidoso Valley Estates (RRVE) subdivision. OCEC plans to begin the outage at 9:30 AM. The total time of the outage is anticipated to be three (3) hours, providing crews do not encounter any unforeseen issues. Members on the "cowboy" side of RRVE may only be out for  thirty (30) minutes, while the "indian" side will most likely be out for three (3) hours.

The purpose of this outage is to add additional equipment and switch power feeders to RRVE and is part of the work plan to rebuild underground line in the subdivision. Establishing alternate electric feeds into the subdivision will help in lessening outage times in the case of future large scale outages.

If you have questions, please call and speak to Kenny Trapp, Northern Area Supervisor, at 575-336-4550 or send an email to

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